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Mar Diego, (an ex-convict, chef, and philanthropist), has dedicated her life to creating inspiration, re-writing her story, and rehabilitating troubled youth and adults. Mar was born and raised in the projects of Pacoima, California. Early in her life she became a drug dealer which eventually landed her in state prison for 5 years for money laundering and drug sales. During her time in jail, Mar had a lot of time to self-reflect and wanted to find a way to "pay back" her past. After prison, she enrolled and graduated from Cordon Bleu earning her title as a chef.  Mar then traveled to 16 countries learning different cultures and kitchens. She has worked for many fine dining restaurants such as Wolfgang Puck and more. After all of her success in a lifestyle change, path, and career Dough Girl was born. Mar and Veronica, her business partner, created Dough Girl which was once "Nikkis Pizza." It was then, when Dough Girl came about, Mar knew how she'd pay back her past. By helping the troubled youth into a more brighter and enlightening future.

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