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Veronica Alcaraz is a business leader, United States Army Veteran, and CEO of Fresh Start Healthy Meals Incorporated. Veronica Alcaraz attended the University of California, Los Angeles, and earned a

Bachelor of Arts degree in English. Shortly after obtaining her college degree, Alcaraz earned her realtor's license and began a dedicated career in real estate, which included owning a real estate firm at the age of 22.


Subsequently, Veronica Alcaraz entered the restaurant and food service industries in 2013. Alcaraz purchased her first commercial manufacturing building at 39 years old in 2020. This building of Fresh Start Healthy Meals Inc., a meal provider that serves 30,000 school meals per day throughout Southern California Alcaraz presently has the distinct honor of being one of the first Latina presidents/owners of a food manufacturing company in the United States. Additionally, Alcaraz is the co-founder of Dough Girl Pizza. Through Dough Girl, Alcaraz has also founded the Dough Girl Foundation, a food-oriented organization designed to give underprivileged members of society employable culinary skills.


Looking to the future, Alcaraz seeks to expand the size, footprint, and profitability of her business endeavors. Additionally, seeking to further partake in philanthropic endeavors, Alcaraz wishes to use her business aptitude to chart a legacy for not only her children and family but for anybody that is looking for an opportunity or s second chance. An advocate of leadership and financial literacy for youth, her passion project is to build an academy that will mold entrepreneurs by providing them with appropriate life skill sets and a mindset to excel through economic empowerment.

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